Bones Super Reds Bearings


Bone Super REDS are designed from the ground up to be the best bearing on the market under $50. In fact, we don’t think any other bearing can challenge Bone Super REDS until you get to the Bones Swiss price point. What Bone Super REDS are not, is just a REDS bearing with better super finishing (surface polishing). Bone Super REDS are a superior quality bearing, using higher quality steel races, better grade balls, and a superior surface finish. The result is a bearing that is as fast as REDS, but quieter, smoother, and longer lasting.

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  • Single, non-contact, removable rubber shield for easy cleaning and less friction.
  • Pre-lubricated with Bone Speed Cream™ racing lubricant.
  • High speed nylon ball retainer for greater strength and speed.
  • Skate Rated™ clearances, tolerances, materials and lubricant provide the best performance and durability possible.