Criss-Cross Laces


Want to add some extra style to your skates? Criss Cross has all the brightest colors and coolest patterns on the market so don’t just settle for the ordinary. Turn up the style dial on your plain skates or add something extra to your custom boots with Criss Cross laces!

All Criss Cross laces come in 72″ length.

Left boot (from top down):
1/2″ Rainbow Plaid, 1/2″ Black with Skulls, 3/8″ Neon Orange, 3/8″ Neon Pink, 3/8″ Black, 3/8″ Red, 3/8″ Neon Yellow, 3/8″ Blue, 3/8″ White, 3/8″ Neon Green

Right boot (from top down):
3/4″ White & Black Plaid, 3/4″ Neon Green, 3/4″ Carolina Blue, 3/4″ Neon Pink, 3/4″ Red & White Plaid, 3/4″ Neon Orange, 3/4″ Purple, 3/4″ Neon Yellow, 3/4″ Pink & Black Plaid

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